NFC Product Showcase

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SIC4310-NFC Batteryless Toy
SIC4310-NFC Batteryless Toy,targets audiences who are developers, suppliers who work in smart... Learn more
BlackSeal is the premier authenticity web service for physical goods... Learn more
NFC Batteryless Interactive Poster

NFC Interactive Poster

No Batteries Required 

Learn more
NFC Name Card
Write personal information into GTag with NDEF format, tap GTag on... Learn more
Secure NFC
Secure NFC is the first Android app that can write and... Learn more
NFC Giant Transponder
Designed to work in a broader range of applications including IoT... Learn more
Symbol TC70
The TC70 is the professional grade Android device built from the... Learn more
Flipcover keyboard
Introducing the world´s first integrated NFC keyboard The O2T Flipcover Keyboard has... Learn more
BCARD Reader
BCARD Reader is a mobile app that allows exhibitors to use... Learn more
RF430CL330H  / Dynamic T4BT Platform
The Texas Instruments Dynamic NFC Interface Transponder RF430CL330H is an NFC... Learn more