Today, hundreds of millions of smartphones and other devices are NFC-enabled.

NFC-enabled phones, tablets, wearables, and other devices connect people to a world of convenience, information, and enhanced experiences at home, around town, or when they travel.

With just one tap, they can buy groceries, pay transit fares, exchange photos,track fitness stats, download product information, discover special retail offers, expedite travel, enjoy an interactive exhibit, or instantly pair their Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices.

New uses for NFC technology are being developed every day, deepening people’s relationships with iconic brands, and expanding opportunities for inventive companies and entrepreneurs.

This section of the toolkit is designed to educate and inspire everyone on your team. It includes graphics and other content for your marketing materials and a downloadable guide filled with marketing ideas. Our goal is not to provide you with finished materials, but to jumpstart your thinking and provide fodder for your own creative marketing programs.

Ideas and Inspiration: Using NFC to Connect to Your Customers

Tools for creating NFC marketing materials: