The material in this section has a two-fold purpose. First, you’ll find copy and graphic elements for your packaging and marketing materials. These are tools that will help you identify and promote your NFC-enabled products in a clear and consistent manner.

We’ve also included ideas on how NFC technology can help you build brand loyalty and establish long-term relationships with your customers.

Promoting your NFC-enabled products

NFC can keep you connected to your customers

  • Let customers access your warranty and owner’s manual through an embedded NFC tag
    Ensure that your product instructions and warranty info will never be separated from the physical product.
  • Give customers detailed assembly and use instructions
    An NFC tag can take consumers to a step-by-step video and detailed instructions accessed by NFC tag on physical manual.
  • Connect people to loyalty program
    With just one tap, people can go directly to enrollment and begin to earn rewards.
  • Link people to related products, reorder, or service reminders
    A tag embedded on your product can link customers to a site where they can order refills, keep up to date on maintenance, or discover related products.
  • Offer premium product authentication
    With one tap, a customer can be assured that they have an authentic product and then register their ownership with you.