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This guide is built around you. If you have any questions about how to use it, or suggestions of tools you’d like us to add, please let us know.

The material in this section has a two-fold purpose. First, you’ll find copy and graphic elements for your staff training and in-store materials. These are tools that will help you promote your NFC-enabled products in a clear and consistent manner.

We’ve also included ideas on how NFC technology can help you build brand loyalty and establish a long-term relationship with your customers.


What is the Difference Between NFC, Bluetooth, and RFID?

A clear explanation of these related technologies.


Become an NFC Expert (In Less Than 10 Minutes)

Answers to the questions your customers will ask—a quick training course.


Tap & Go (The Complete NFC Instruction Manual)

How to get started with NFC.


The World of NFC

A visual overview—with icons for every experience.


Where is the NFC Touchpoint on your Phone?

A visual guide to locating the NFC antenna on different smartphones.


I’m NFC Ready! (shelf talker signs)

Make sure that your customers can find the NFC devices they want.


NFC Makes Your Smartphone Smarter(rack card)

An NFC primer for smartphone shoppers.

Ideas on how to use NFC tags to create an enhanced shopping experience

  • Tap to see reviews and ratings
    Shoppers can access expert reviews of the products they are considering; what people are saying on social media; video to learn more about product.
  • Create tags that allows shoppers to see if products are available in-store
    Allow people to check on size, color, etc.  If a product is not available in store, shoppers can see inventory in nearby stores or order an item shipped to them directly.
  • Add tags that connect shoppers to related items
    With one tap, customers can view other items that can help them complete an outfit, coordinate a room, etc.
  • Tap to sign up for loyalty program
    Customers go directly to enrollment and get special offers if their sign-up is completed in-store.
  • Refer a friend
    Customers can tap to rate their experiences and refer friends for an immediate reward.