NFC Impact

With just one tap you can pay for groceries, exchange photos with a friend, track your fitness stats, download product information, expedite travel and transit, easily discover special retail offers, enjoy an interactive museum exhibit, or pair your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices instantly and securely. Close to home and around the world, new uses for NFC are being developed every day.


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NFC in the World

What’s the latest? NFC technology is deepening people’s relationships with iconic brands and expanding opportunities for the world’s most inventive companies and entrepreneurs. Here are some of our favorite new products and services.

Tap & Authenticate: Verify the provenance and protect the integrity of fine wine

Tap & Pair: Simplify Bluetooth’s wireless connectivity and listen to music in seconds.

Tap & Personalize: Instantly transfer content from your phone to your vehicle’s infotainment system.

Tap & Tour:Pass a ‘Talking Statue,” and get Abe Lincoln on the line.

Tap & Play: Physical toys have digital doubles who can play online games

Tap & Translate:Interactive, multi-language menus serve up more info and fewer surprises.