NFC Product Showcase

Category: Access Control

EviTag NFC – The Portable Password Manager
In today’s technology, the amount of passwords a user must keep... Learn more
iLOQ S50
iLOQ S50 Unlocking a world of possibilities for the utilities industry The iLOQ... Learn more
Contactless electronic safe EviTag NFC®
An electronic cyber secured NFC safe, multilingual, which works contactless. In... Learn more
Queen’s Protocol Hybrid Bags
Queen’s Protocol bags are embedded with NFC technology and aim to... Learn more
Smart City – The intelligent waste management system
The improper disposal of municipal waste can have a dangerous impact... Learn more
Nestech NFC Smart Lock System
With NFC function, the hosts can manage their properties with only... Learn more
NFC Tag Starter Kit by Identiv
In order to bring the power of near field communication (NFC)... Learn more
DOM Tapkey
THE SMARTPHONE IS THE KEY DOM and Tapkey offer you the best... Learn more
A typical Tap2Tag user wears a wristband, similar to popular rubber... Learn more
NFC VALET Parking Android App
Paperless Valet Parking using NFC technology - Green Parking  Learn more