NFC Product Showcase

Category: Health Care

ApiTrak is a modular, cloud-based platform that provides full visibility of the integrity of... Learn more
DuraScan® D600 Contactless Reader/Writer
The DuraScan® D600 Contactless Reader/Writer can read data from and write... Learn more
A typical Tap2Tag user wears a wristband, similar to popular rubber... Learn more
Tagwiser is a use case application of NFC technology in a... Learn more
EndlessID has NFC technology incorporated in all of the products: wristband,... Learn more
IDEAL Talking Tags
IDEAL Talking Tags is a talking label maker/reader application, designed in... Learn more
NFC to Speech
Touchscreens are a revelation for the blind. Apple was the first... Learn more
FAMOCO FX Series – FX100, FX200, FX300
The FX100 Series is the first dedicated, secure and flexible Android... Learn more
Ear Thermometer
FPOP is an ear thermometer that measures the core body temperature.... Learn more
Asset Tracking made Easy from your Smartphone MapYourTag mobile app uses... Learn more