NFC Product Showcase

Category: Internet of Things

EviTag NFC – The Portable Password Manager
In today’s technology, the amount of passwords a user must keep... Learn more
ORYGENE : NFC based Anti-Counterfeit Solution
ORYGENE is an open SaaS platform that provides the opportunity to... Learn more
Smart City – The intelligent waste management system
The improper disposal of municipal waste can have a dangerous impact... Learn more
DOGTAP securely stores important information about your own dog, helping to... Learn more
QR-Patrol is an innovative guard tour management system, addressing needs of... Learn more
Nestech NFC Smart Lock System
With NFC function, the hosts can manage their properties with only... Learn more
NFC Training Mat from smart-TEC
AIREX: The NFC-based Fitness Mat Learn more
We securely CONNECT consumers and brands by making Parcels and Products... Learn more
NFC Tag Starter Kit by Identiv
In order to bring the power of near field communication (NFC)... Learn more
Portable Smart Speaker in wood veneer case with rechargeable battery and... Learn more