NFC Product Showcase

Category: Transport

Smart City – The intelligent waste management system
The improper disposal of municipal waste can have a dangerous impact... Learn more
We securely CONNECT consumers and brands by making Parcels and Products... Learn more
NFC Tag Starter Kit by Identiv
In order to bring the power of near field communication (NFC)... Learn more
NFC VALET Parking Android App
Paperless Valet Parking using NFC technology - Green Parking  Learn more
Tagwiser is a use case application of NFC technology in a... Learn more
M Ring
Our latest generation smart ring, the M Ring, performs contactless payments and can... Learn more
KEYDEX NFC Smart Ring is the smallest wearable device in the... Learn more
PicoLabel – NFC-enabled ePaper label
PicoLabel combines the advantages of ePaper displays with the convenience of... Learn more
NFC Data Logger for Isothermal Boxes
The blulog NFC Data Logger enables full temperature traceability during the... Learn more
FAMOCO FX Series – FX100, FX200, FX300
The FX100 Series is the first dedicated, secure and flexible Android... Learn more