From Over 60 Submissions: Three NFC Innovation Award Winners to be Unveiled in London

Finalist Announcement for 2018 NFC Innovation Award Program

June 26 at the Barbican Centre in London from 18:30 – 20:30 is the day, time and site for the 2018 NFC Innovation Award Celebration when we will recognize this year’s elite nine NFC Innovation Award finalists, announce the winners and celebrate the momentum behind NFC technology. Winners will receive an NFC Innovation Award trophy and an opportunity to showcase their product at the members meeting and receive global recognition and networking opportunities. The nine finalists are listed below.

Over 60 NFC Innovation Award entries came from India, US, Finland and everywhere in-between spanning NFC solutions as varied as industrial IoT to helping the blind use smartphones. This diversity and innovation shows the tremendous flexibility of NFC technology and the growing use of NFC for business and consumer uses.

To attend the NFC Innovation Day events, click here.

The nine finalists were selected by a distinguished panel of judges. The NFC Innovation Awards recognize the development, deployment and use of state-of-the-art NFC products, services and experiences worldwide. This year we are preceding the award ceremony with a day-long NFC Innovation Day celebration scheduled for June 26 at the Barbican Centre in London, UK. NFC Innovation Day includes the VISIONFC Simplifying IoT Summit from 12:30 – 18:00 with interactive presentations and real-world case studies showing how NFC and IoT can be used together to deliver remarkable customer experiences. The 2018 NFC Innovation Award sponsors include Thin Film Electronics ASA (Platinum Level) and NXP Semiconductors (Gold Level).

The NFC Forum Innovation Award finalists listed below exemplify the innovation and value of NFC technology. One finalist from each of the three categories will be announced as the winner during the award ceremony.

Best In-Market Implementation

  • 1TrueID SRL provides anti-counterfeiting and traceability solutions with the aim to become the first Internet Book of Things. (Italy)
  • Creating Revolutions offers hotel and resort guests and employees a wide variety of services using smart and secure NFC technology. (US)
  • The Dynamic Tag ICs ST25DV-PWM from STMicroelectronics are innovative devices that leverage the flexibility of their NFC/RFID interface to bring enhanced capabilities to a traditional Tag IC.  (France)

Best Emerging Concept

  • NFC technology from Haarnio Oy enables daily functions in apartments to be managed digitally with a large array of physical NFC-enabled design tags along with a state of the art management system. (Finland)
  • IoTize SAS’s TapNLink Instant IoT for Embedded Systems uses NFC technology for on-site maintenance tasks connecting equipment to smartphone-based user interfaces. (France)
  • The Dynamic Parts Authentication solution from Confidex and Sasken Technologies Ltd., uses NFC technology to help automotive manufacturers ensure that critical spare parts are genuine. (India)

NFC For Good

  • AUTOCYB automotive cybersecurity platform uses NFC technology to enhance vehicle and highway safety by protecting the security, integrity and authenticity of personal data in today’s electronics-intensive vehicles. (US)
  • ewaterpay uses NFC technology to collect money and dispense water to create sustainable water systems in developing countries.  (UK)
  • Project-RAY’s RAYclick is an NFC-based, tactile keypad, that enable visually impaired people to control their smartphones by touch. (US)

To attend the NFC Innovation Day events, click here.