A Foundation for Interoperability

The NFC Forum Compliance Program establishes a strong foundation for NFC implementations and fosters a gold standard of confidence and credibility to advance Near Field Communication technology. By fully embracing the NFC Forum Compliance Program, NFC Forum Members ensure a flourishing NFC and IoT ecosystem.

Participation in the NFC Forum Compliance program is available only to NFC Forum Member organizations. Companies interested in becoming NFC Forum Members should visit the Join the Forum page.

The NFC Forum operates two programs to meet the goal of interoperability between NFC compliant devices. These are NFC Forum Certification and NFC Forum Plugfests. Note that Plugfests are open to members AND non-members.

The NFC Forum Certification program confirms an implementation’s compliance to NFC Forum specifications. Conformance to the specifications provides consistency of behavior across NFC enabled devices and sets the foundation for interoperability.

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The NFC Forum Plugfests focus on the successful interaction between NFC enabled devices. These special sessions provide a safe environment for developers to verify the level of interaction of their product-specific implementation. The opportunity to demonstrate how devices will work in a real-world setting saves time and money.

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