Certification Program


Certification Release 10 Launched December 02, 2016

Certification Release 10 (CR10) provides support for functionality introduced in Analog Technical Specification 2.0. This is the result of an extensive collaborative alignment effort with GSMA, CEN, ISO and global Public Transport stakeholders to harmonize technical requirements, thereby assuring improved interoperability of NFC Forum devices across the industry. Read the full bulletin and see other news on the Certification Announcements page.

Please contact cert-admin@nfc-forum.org should you have any questions.

NFC Forum Members facilitate the development and market availability of products that comply with the NFC Forum specification(s) through participation in the NFC Forum Certification Program. Fully embracing the Certification Program provides differentiation for NFC Forum Members by shortening the product adoption process, lowering adoption costs, and making product implementations easier for partners to integrate.

Certification is granted through a top-notch testing process for implementations that meet NFC Forum Device Requirements. An NFC Forum device is a device capable of operating in NFC Forum Peer-to-Peer Mode and/or NFC Forum Reader-Writer Mode that may also support NFC Forum Card Emulation Mode. Companies cannot claim NFC Forum compliance without successfully completing the certification process.

Getting A Product Certified

The NFC Forum Certification Program provides manufacturers with a means of establishing that their products conform to the NFC Forum’s published specifications. The Steps to Certificationprovide more information about certifying a product: preparation, testing, and reporting as well as access to the policies and Certification System.

Certification is awarded to those products that have successfully completed the certification process by meeting the applicable certification requirements. A buyer therefore has confidence that a certified implementation conforms to the specifications. Once certification has been awarded, the Certification Administrator will enter the product information into the Certification Register.

Helpful Documents to Get Started

The NFC Forum Certification FAQs provides answers to any question you may have about the program.

The Certification Policy document defines what can be certified, what it means to be certified, and the process for achieving and maintaining certification.

The Device Requirements document defines which high level features of the NFC Forum specifications must be implemented by a device to be eligible to receive the NFC Forum Certification Mark.

The Certification Administrator reviews each application to ensure that the product meets all the policy and technical requirements. Products that meet all the requirements are issued a certificate. The NFC Forum Certification Program is administered by the NFC Forum.

When your organization first registers with the Certification Administrator, you will be asked to sign the NFC Forum Certification Mark License Agreement. Learn more >