In its work of helping members resolve issues related to the Certification Program, the NFC Forum Certification Issue Resolution Panel (NCIRP) from time to time prepares advisories regarding issues raised and the way in which each has been resolved.
Active  Type Number  Description  Date 
Yes Announcement   Certification Release 7 Jan 13, 2014
Yes Announcement   Certification Policy Change Dec 9, 2013
Yes Announcement   Test Case Category List (TCCL) v 2.2 available Nov 22, 2013
Yes Announcement   Certification Update Sep 19, 2013
Yes Announcement   Authorized Test Lab Requirements Extension Sept 19, 2013
Yes Announcement   LLCP and SNEP Testing Documentation Package (Certification Release 6) May 14, 2013
Yes Advisory CPCA-0005 NFC Device in Poll Mode/Peer2Peer with NFC-F – Reactivation Mar 6, 2013
Yes Advisory   Devices Requirements v1.0 Expiring Dec 10, 2012
Yes Advisory CPCA-0004 Mandated NFCID1 lengths in Listening NFC-A Nov 8, 2012
Yes Announcement   Certification Program Digital Protocol & Tag type testing documentation, Revision 2 Jul 30, 2012
Yes Announcement   R1-Maintenance Release of NFC Forum Approved Test Tools Jul 25, 2012
Yes Advisory CPCA-003 LRi in Poll mode NFCA P2P BI for TC_POL_NFCA_P2P_BI_2_x May 28, 2012
Yes Announcement   Test Case Category List (TCCL) v 1.3 available Apr 3, 2012
Yes Advisory CPCA-002 POLL MODE Test Cases – Parameters Value Mar 15, 2012
Yes Advisory CPCA-001 The expressions of certain test cases in the TCMT are incorrect. Mar 15, 2012
Yes Announcement   R0-Maintenance Release of NFC Forum Approved Test Tools Mar 14, 2012
Yes Implementation Note CPIN-001 NFC LLCP Technical Specification Apr 18, 2011