Beginning January 1, 2021 with Certification Release 12, the certification fee is waived when accompanied by a signed Test Report from a Third Party Authorized Test Lab (ATL).

(Please visit this page if the certification tests have been executed by a 1st party test lab: 1st Party Test Lab Certification Fees)

For instructions on how to proceed after you have received the signed Test Report from an ATL, go to this page (step 4): Steps to Certify.

Re-named or Re-branded Device

If you want to obtain a certificate for a device by renaming or rebranding, you have to pay the applicable registration fee as mentioned in section 9 of the NFC Forum Certification Policy document.
The fees described below are quoted net of applicable taxes and duties which, where appropriate, will be payable in addition by the Supplier to the NFC Forum (or to the relevant tax authorities as applicable).

Registration fee for re-naming or re-branding:



For instructions on how to proceed after you have paid, go to this page (step 4): Steps to Certify.

Payment Terms. The NFC Forum reserves the right to amend this fee schedule from time-to-time as necessary and will give notice of any such change no less than 30 days prior to the effective date.

Fees are payable in US dollars by credit card via the NFC Forum Certification Program web certification system. Other methods of payment are available upon request, though may delay certification as your registration, update, or other transaction cannot be processed until payment has been received. For further information please contact the NFC Forum Certification Administrator (Email: [email protected] , Fax: +1 781-610-9864).