Authorized for use in Certification: December 2016

Compliance Documentation Device Requirements (Version 1.5)

Device Requirements v1.5 upgrades the requirement on the implementation of Analog from version 1.1 to version 2.0. This new version of Analog specifications is the result of the alignment with ISO specifications having in mind the interoperability with Public Transportation infrastructure

Technical Specifications

Available at/our-work/specifications-and-application-documents/

To ensure that you are working with the technical specifications and version of the specifications applicable to this release, please see the Device Requirements document above.

Testing Documentation

Test Cases for Analog (Version 2.0.02)
Test Cases for Digital Protocol (Version 1.1.01)
Test Cases for LLCP (Version 1.2.01)
Test Cases for SNEP (Version 1.0.06)
Test Cases for Tag Type 1 Operations (Version 1.2.01)
Test Cases for Tag Type 2 Operations (Version 1.2.01)
Test Cases for Tag Type 3 Operations (Version 1.2.01)
Test Cases for Tag Type 4 Operations (Version 2.0.01)
Device Test Application (Version 2.2.01)
Test Case Mapping Table (Version 2.0.00)