An NFC Forum Authorized Test Laboratory is a laboratory that has satisfied and continues to satisfy all requirements set forth in the NFC Forum Certification Policy and the Authorized Test Laboratory Requirements, and which is thereby authorized to provide certification testing services to product manufacturers.

The NFC Forum has two types of certification laboratories:

First (1st) Party Test Laboratories

1st Party Test Laboratories are in-house test facilities, owned and controlled by the manufacturer of the products being tested. A First Party Test Laboratory must be a Sponsor or Principal member of NFC Forum.

Third (3rd) Party Test Laboratories

3rd Party Test Laboratories are independent laboratories that provide testing services to manufacturers for the purpose of verifying that implementations conform to the NFC Forum specifications. A Third Party Test Laboratory must be an NFC Forum member at the Associate level or higher.

Completed forms must be submitted to [email protected].

Certification Laboratory Requirements

To be considered for the NFC Forum Authorized Test Laboratory program, prospective test laboratories must apply in writing by using the following forms and documents as guidance.

Analog Certification Testing Authorization

To prepare for performing Analog certification testing, labs must successfully complete the InterLab Comparision Test. Review and complete the requirements forms below to be assigned a testing slot.

Qualified NFC Forum Auditors

Prospective test laboratories must pass an on-site audit to be approved as an NFC Forum Authorized Test Lab. Once NFC Forum authorized, test labs must complete an audit every 24 months to maintain their status.

The following auditors have been authorized by the NFC Forum to assess a laboratory’s compliance with the NFC Forum Certification Policy. Labs are responsible to contact one of the Qualified Auditors to request an audit when needed. Please copy [email protected] when you request your audit.

Greg Gogates
Lansdale, PA USA
Tel:+ 1 610.222.9348
[email protected]

Gordon Antonello
Malaga, Spain
Tel: +1 587 315 6315
[email protected]