The NFC Forum Interoperability Testing Library (IOT) contains NFC Tags, smart posters, and NFC-enabled devices.  The IOT library is available to Plugfest participants during each event.

The NFC Forum Interoperability Testing (IOT) Library Catalogue of Tags and Devices provides details about what is available to use in testing activities during Plugfest events. Items cannot be borrowed from the library between Plugfest events.

The Tag Testing Library

The tag library consists of NFC Forum passive devices that can be borrowed for individual testing in the context of an NFC Forum Plugfest.

The Device Testing Library

This library includes samples of NFC enabled devices as well as NFC Forum certified devices.

The EMV-Based POS Library

These items provide an opportunity to confirm that NFC Forum implementations in card emulation mode can communicate with existing EMV-based contactless payment acceptance devices.

The NFC Forum is continually updating the library. NFC Forum member companies interested in providing samples for the library may submit the NFC Forum Library Submission Form.

Plugfest Frequently Asked Questions provide additional details about access to and usage of the NFC Forum library.