Use Cases & Reporting

NFC Forum Plugfest events provide added value to session participants and the entire NFC Forum community. Testing NFC Forum implementations in early stages of development can reveal issues in products and may uncover issues in the specifications used.

Test results are not reported to the NFC Forum and remain confidential between the testing parties. Confidentiality terms bind all participants and are fully defined in Section 12 of the NFC Forum Rules of Procedure.

Use Cases

The NFC Device Interoperability Scenarios  is intended as a guide, rather than a strict test plan. This documentation proposes interoperability test scenarios for NFC Devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and other comparably capable computing devices. NFC Devices that would typically be characterized as embedded or functionally restricted devices are not subject of the proposal.


The NFC Forum Plugfest reporting is managed by NFC Forum staff to ensure confidentiality and anonymity, and all device- and test session-specific information is removed. The summary information collected during Plugfest events is fed back into the NFC Forum specifications development team to enable continuous improvements.

The reporting mechanism collects information at multiple levels:

  • Statistical information on the functional areas covered by testing, and on the number of tests executed
  • Feedback on the specifications as a result of the testing during the Plugfest

To improve the clarity and testing quality of the specifications, specification concerns or issues encountered during the testing should be submitted throughout the event to the NFC Forum staff.