The NFC Forum developed brand marks and logos to address stakeholder needs across the NFC- ecosystem. The information found here provides guidelines for use of all NFC Forum marks and logos. If you do not find answers to your NFC branding questions after exploring this information, please submit your inquiry through Contact Us.

The marks and logos featured here are trademarks of the NFC Forum.

NFC Wayfinding Mark

All uses of the NFC Wayfinding System requires the execution of the NFC Forum Wayfinding Trademark License Agreement.

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NFC Forum Logo

Use of the NFC Forum logo is granted to NFC Forum members only as outlined in the Membership Privileges document.

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NFC Forum Certification Mark

An industry facing logo, Certification Mark use is granted only to NFC Forum Members once an NFC-enabled device implementation has successfully completed the NFC Forum Certification process. It serves as an indicator that a product has met the standards of the NFC Forum Compliance Program.

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NFC Forum N-Mark

The N-Mark can be used globally to indicate NFC functionality. Use is granted to both NFC Forum Members and non-members after signing the N-Mark License Agreement

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