Registered Jurisdictions

The license agreement for the NFC Forum Certification Mark provides limited indemnification for licensed users of the NFC Forum Certification Mark in those jurisdictions where the Certification Mark is registered. Licensed Certification Mark users are not shielded from liability in jurisdictions where the Mark is not registered or in connection with products or services not specified in the registration of that jurisdiction.

This list of jurisdictions where the NFC Forum Certification Mark is registered was updated in December 2012.  Please check back for updates.

Jurisdictions Where the Certification Mark Is Registered

The European Union community trademark covers these countries:


Austria Belgium
Bulgaria Cyprus
Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland,
France Germany
Greece Hungary
Ireland Italy
Latvia Lithuania
Luxembourg Malta
The Netherlands Poland
Portugal Romania
Slovakia Slovenia
Spain Sweden
The United Kingdom


Jurisdictions Where Certification Mark Registration is Pending


South Korea
United States of America