Uses for the N-Mark are endless, but we have a few examples to help achieve your goals. Of course we invite you to actively share your ideas with us!


into their printed, digital, and online advertising, promotional materials, and packaging, both to inform readers that their products are NFC-enabled and to create greater consumer awareness and use of NFC technology. When used for these purposes, the NFC Forum N-Mark trademark may be applied to:

  • Advertisements
  • Outdoor posters
  • Product packaging, bottles, and containers
  • Point-of-sale materials
  • Press materials
  • Direct mail materials
  • Exhibition stands
  • Product and sales literature
  • TV commercials
  • Visual aids and slide presentations
  • Internet content, websites and social media
  • Adhesive labels

The N-Mark should be displayed in system-level and application software of NFC-enabled devices to make users aware of the availability of NFC functionality and to make it easy to interact with other NFC-enabled devices and tags. Uses of the N-Mark in software include:

• In the graphical user interface (GUI) to indicate whether NFC functionality is on or off
• As an NFC touchpoint in a GUI if the screen can act as an antenna
• In system settings dialogues and other device-specific low-level software related to the NFC functionality of an NFC-enabled device
• In preinstalled or user-installed application software programs that support NFC

On an NFC-enabled device, such as a mobile phone, or consumer electronics, the N-Mark is used as a touchpoint to identify the position on the device where the user can align it with an NFC tag or with another NFC device to enable an NFC interaction. While the N-Mark is complementary to – and may be displayed alongside – other proprietary marks and trademarks, the N-Mark should be the touchpoint indicator to enable a user to access the service.

In NFC tag applications, the N-Mark is used to identify the position over an NFC tag where the consumer can align an NFC-enabled device to initiate an NFC interaction. NFC tags may be applied to virtually any physical medium, including printed posters, point-of-sale displays, counter cards, shelf signs, adhesive labels, bottles and containers, and product packaging.