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NFC Forum Application Documents are informative technical documents designed to promote NFC solutions in vertical markets and to foster best practices, by describing proposed solutions based on NFC Forum specifications.

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Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing Using NFC

This Application Document describes the interaction of Bluetooth technology and NFC during SSP in detail. It provides examples of both negotiated and static handover in the most feasible use cases involving the presence of both technologies. Developers will find the examples useful guides for their own work. The document has now been expanded (in June 2014) to include descriptions of how to use NFC for fast and easy Bluetooth low energy out-of-band (OOB) pairing, a key capability of Bluetooth Smart, a version of Bluetooth wireless technology that offers considerably reduced power consumption.

Version 1.2 of the Application Document published in June 2019 supports also Bluetooth devices implemented according the Bluetooth Core Specification 5.1 and is extended for Bluetooth Low Energy.

Version 1.3 of the Application Document was published in December 2020. This new version which describes the Out Of Band Pairing process for Bluetooth devices by using NFC technology is now extended to offer solutions based on the new TNEP protocol. In the future, this extension will offer full functionality for pairing solutions even if the device is not offering the LLCP protocol.

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Cross-platform NFC Tag UX

The Cross-platform NFC Tag UX provides a guideline to NFC service developers to optimize their NFC applications to achieve a similar user experience on different mobile operating systems when using NFC Forum Tags.

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Wi-Fi Easy Connect using NFC technology

The Wi-Fi Easy Connect using NFC technology can be found in the Wi-Fi Easy Connect Specification on the Wi-Fi Alliance website. Similar to the mechanism described in the Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing Application Document, the mechanism of the Wi-Fi Easy Connect is based on the Connection Handover Technical Specification from the NFC Forum. Additionally, the Wi-Fi Easy Connect allows easy Wi-Fi connections by using NFC Forum Tags providing an NDEF Message with a Bootstrapping URI included.