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TagnIot is a new NFC product developed by Tagwiser. With TagnIot you can connect any device in the world. Just paste the tag on your device and tap with your smartphone. You will be directly connected to the device. You can easily access any information of the device. You can browse the user manual, access the maintenance document and contact after sale service. With TagnIot, the user manual will never leave the device. You tap and access directly any document related to the device. Most of people loose the user manual et the technical sheets of their device. By using TagnIot all the documents of your device are available. Just visit our website for more details.
K&D Holdings Limited
Patech™️ means patch with technology, we bring NFC patch on the pouch, it lets customer change different style patches and their automation daily. We use NFC technology in our fashion accessories to allow users access to quickly scan for listening to music, ticket information, calling, sharing social media, etc.
CISC Semiconductor


DIRX2 from Tapwow is the software backbone that allows any brand, partner or packager to provide smart packaging and connected products quickly and easily.
End-to-end monitor to ensure quality compliance of individually packed biological samples and temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals during transport and storage. The Monitor consists of a smart and versatile electronic temperature logging device based on NFC-technology, combined with a cloud-based software platform that can be specifically tailored to specific market segments such as Home-Collect, Hospital and Pharma.
Titan Company Ltd
The Titan Pay watch can be used by linking the watch on the YONO app by entering a one-time unique code which will be map your watch to your existing SBI bank account. Once linked it works as a contactless SBI debit card. The user can make contactless payment across India on NFC POS terminals. The NFC chip is embedded inside the leather strap.
Tagneat is an NFC solution that allows the customer to display the restaurant menu directly on their smartphone. He consults the digital menu, orders and pays with his smartphone. Tagneat can also be used as a self-service order station to reduce operating costs, ecological impact and eliminate customer wait times.
"I AM LOST" is an NFC sticker for a simple and new idea to help Golfers from losing their Clubs.
NXP Semiconductors
Jones Healthcare Group, TPG Rewards and NXP Semiconductors announced a digitized verification and integrity protection solution to authenticate COVID-19 test kits. The joint solution was developed to address ongoing challenges of the pandemic, as the market experiences a rise in counterfeit products and at-home kits can prove difficult for consumers to understand and use. Manufacturers can now rely on Jones’ unique ability to manage the regulated packaging process with speed and flexibility. The kits are equipped with NXP’s NTAG® NFC advanced technology to enable secure electronic product authentication and tamper protection, while instantly providing crucial, real-time information to help consumers use kits properly. TPG provides an NFC-powered platform using NXP’s Authenticator service. We are working closely with numerous test kit producers to bring much-needed test kits to market. Learn more about NFC and the innovative COVID-19 test kit solution here.
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