Identiv's uCreate NFC ecosystem is designed for mobile app developers who want to enter the world of near field communication (NFC). Create your own NFC experiences and test your creations with our NFC mobile app, software development kit (SDK), and curated kit of NFC tags.
Plotsensor Ltd.
A zero-install NFC sensor.
CISC Semiconductor


Information Mediary Corp (IMC)
IMC's medication adherence solutions help patients live their healthiest life
ITN International, Inc.
INTERACT is a mobile app that allows event attendees to use their smartphones to capture contacts and content during events. Contact information is acquired by touching other attendees’ NFC event badges, or phone to phone. Content is acquired by touching a smart poster or an ITN BTAG (an NFC hotspot); or by proximity to a BLE beacon. The app also builds a complete timeline of the attendee’s NFC experience throughout the event. Besides contacts and content, the timeline includes the attendee’s booth visits, educational sessions attended; points scored in games, and tickets redeemed—all resulting from touches to the attendee’s badge.
APPSWED Marketing AB
APPSWED Genuine Check NFC enables pharmaceutical companies to provide their products are genuine. With a smartphone, users can tap the Genuine Check NFC on the package and identify the product, its details, and location tracking. Additional target groups include perfumes, cosmetics, electronics, and other industrial sectors.
An electronic cyber secured NFC safe, multilingual, which works contactless. In reality, a password, bank cards and loyalty cards* manager It is portable, hardened to the extreme, waterproof and can work without maintenance more than 40 years. This electronic safe has contactless and offline access control, multi-factor physical and digital authentication (MFA). Very easy to use, designed for everyday use, EviTag NFC works anonymously, without leaving a digital trace, without a sensitive database, via a free scalable application, compatible with all types of Android NFC terminals. This electronic safe is DGPR Compliant. The EviTag NFC electronic safe is a solution protected by patents. Save data are secured end-to-end. This is the only solution in the world that allows to share your passwords safely. You can use the automatic connection to your internet accounts and online payments via the EVILOCK NFC LAN plugin without entering the username and password. Presentation video: Video User's Guide: Online payment operation video: Online sales site of electronic safe EviTag NFC: From 35.90 € for two electronic safes, to always have a backup, in case of loss or theft
NFC Tools for PC / Mac can read and write your NFC chips with a simple and lightweight user interface.
FSK Electronics Ltd
NFC Super is a mobile Application software that read/write NFC tag. It supports all standard NDEF records protocols and perform actions scanning from native android system. Tag scanning history record and register a tag UID for more advance usage. Task profile creation can be used for action trigger to do any magic on device. Hundred of tasks are available in Apps.
Schneider Electric
Zelio NFC Timer is revolutionary industrial timer which allows you to use the timer at the highest level of efficiency. From configuring setting of the timer to diagnosing the timer’s status as well as getting the timing diagram & wiring diagram, everything can be done with only Zelio NFC App installed into your mobile device through NFC.


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