Identiv's uCreate NFC ecosystem is designed for mobile app developers who want to enter the world of near field communication (NFC). Create your own NFC experiences and test your creations with our NFC mobile app, software development kit (SDK), and curated kit of NFC tags.
smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG
Welcome to FusionPlay Heroes, the first mobile NFC card game. It’s played with physical cards, each containing a Near Field Communication chip. These chips enable communication between the playing cards and a smartphone. As soon as you slide a card under the smartphone, it appears on the screen of the phone. Then the app processes the actions and visualizes the results.
Twinsprite gaming platform consists on creating secure unique identities for every single toy and managing the cloud service to access all the data related to one specific toy.
Silicon Craft Technology
NFC Whac-a-Mole is a proof-of-concept NFC gaming pad that features four LED lights that works in conjunction with a mobile app and harvests energy from a gamer’s smartphone to power the gaming experience so that it doesn't require a battery pack. This gaming pad is based on the SIC4310, which is an NFC transponder IC with UART interface. With the feature of GPIO and power harvesting from SIC4310, the gaming pad receives input from the buttons as well as transmits output to LEDs in real time. All functions are performed without any power source. SIC4310 extends the feature of NFC beyond a data storage and UID provider, It allows NFC transponder IC to supply the harvested power to external circuit up to 10 mA and connect NFC smartphone to physical input/output in proximity.    
Silicon Craft Technology
SIC4310-NFC Batteryless Toy,targets audiences who are developers, suppliers who work in […]
Creative Cretin
HushTags is a gamified sharing platform that uses NFC enabled smart devices and specially coded NFC tags (self-adhesive stickers) to "adhere" data to real world objects. Using a smartphone, tablet, smart-watch, or any device with NFC support and a standard browser, users can discover content left by other players anywhere in the world.
Identiv, Inc.
In order to bring the power of near field communication (NFC) to everyone, Identiv's NFC Tag Starter Kit includes 25 NFC tags with NXP Semiconductor’s NFC Forum Type 2/4/5 NTAG® and ICODE® tag ICs. Supporting a wide variety of features and security levels for different application requirements, all tags are equally compatible with Android® and Apple® iOS 11 devices, including tablets and mobile phones. With Identiv’s NFC Starter Kit, the user does not need to be an application developer, or even familiar with NFC — anyone can pick up the kit, use the tags, and discover the endless possibilities.


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