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Tagneat is an NFC solution that allows the customer to display the restaurant menu directly on their smartphone. He consults the digital menu, orders and pays with his smartphone. Tagneat can also be used as a self-service order station to reduce operating costs, ecological impact and eliminate customer wait times.
"I AM LOST" is an NFC sticker for a simple and new idea to help Golfers from losing their Clubs.
Identiv’s new family of labels leverages NXP® NTAG® 424 DNA chips, strengthening Identiv’s RFID offerings that provide security for the Internet of Things (IoT). The tags are designed for anti-counterfeiting for brand protection, document authentication, secure supply chain traceability (i.e., product origin and provenance), authorized data access, and trusted customer engagement, including loyalty programs. The Tamper Detection NTAG 424 DNA Tag version (utilizing NXP’s TagTamper chip) just received certification proving full conformance with NFC Forum specifications, making Identiv the first transponder manufacturer to receive NFC Forum accreditation.
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Stop spending money on printing business cards, and instead use the NFC enabled wallet.
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ORYGENE is an open SaaS platform that provides the opportunity to all product manufacturer and brand owner the access to Product Authentication Technology based on anti-clone NFC Tags. It comes with a self-service admin portal for product manufacturers and a standard mobile app for consumer to install and authenticate the products. The look and feel of the consumer experience can be easily customized. Product serialization of NFC Tag is done with just few easy steps within the admin portal. Our anti-counterfeiting solution uses standard NTAG 213 based NFC tags which is cost efficient and also compatible with all NFC capable smartphones. Download and view PDF slides about our ORYGENE platform here.
Purple Deck Media, Inc.
Our NFC management system allows full control over NFC tags with rich metrics, content changes on-the-fly, without reprogramming deployed tags. Your content is managed and delivered through our end to end encrypted system.  
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A Wearable High-Tech Gadget very stylish, equipped with an embedded NFC Tag.
Designed to work in a broader range of applications including IoT (Internet Of Things) market, Identiv’s Giant NFC Transponders offer new sources of interactivity for customers and manufacturers including product authentication and brand recognition, gaming (electronic toys), social networking, retail (smart advertisement), healthcare (diagnosis application), government, and consumer electronics. Due to NFC short distance, the reader-transponder designs usually had to be optimized to enable reliable communications (in a standard “tap and go” model). Identiv's Giant NFC transponders portfolio comes as a breakthrough solution delivering consistent signal detection over the entire surface area by any NFC-enabled device. Using an extended surface though several enhanced antennas, the end user can easily pass his NFC reading device over the transponder and immediately get connected to the NFC services.
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This USB drive has NFC embedded in the function and […]
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