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The mobile ePassport scanner is an accessory for phones, tablets and laptops that can turn any of these devices into a passport or eID scanning and verification tool. NFC chips are currently in more than 500,000,000 passports and rising, and using this tool brings passport verification to many mobile scenarios. It combines a standalone NFC reader with wireless connectivity (WiFi or BLE) and complies with the ICAO 9303 standard.
Near Field Solutions - Romania
The condition for the app to perform is that the […]
The FX100 Series is the first dedicated, secure and flexible Android NFC reader designed to fit with the needs of the B2B market. FAMOCO provides a turnkey solution to its customers. Devices are delivered ready-to-go and they are also managed Over-The-Air, thanks to the FAMOCO Mobile Device Management Platform. FAMOCO deployed 27000 devices over more than 25 countries and addresses markets such as transportation, cashless payment, loyalty, workforce automation, e-government, home care services, attendance tracking and access control.
K&D holdings limited
Our NFC tap and get charger which can be set function by customer using tap writer application , for example, customer can set Home route , Calling reparing service, nearby petrol station by NFC enabled phone .
PicoLabel combines the advantages of ePaper displays with the convenience of NFC updates - and doesn't require power for displaying static information. Create ePaper displays for your badges, doors, logistic labels, and more.
The blulog NFC Data Logger enables full temperature traceability during the transport of temperature-sensitive products. It is a combination of isothermal packaging and a temperature monitoring solution.
Paperless Valet Parking using NFC technology - Green Parking
Keydex Innovation Corp.
KEYDEX NFC Smart Ring is the smallest wearable device in the world, and the first fashion accessory combining high technology and fine ceramic. Its unique design earned two COMPUTEX d&i awards 2015 by iF.
BEF Technology SARL
Tagwiser is a use case application of NFC technology in a different services. With Tagwiser you can display ads , get the best price, give an advise and display a local service. We develop a lot of service that you can easily use with NFC technology. Please visite our website for more details.
McLear Ltd.
Our latest generation smart ring, the M Ring, performs contactless payments and can be used on the London Tube. It allows users to manage their budget, is more secure than credit and debit cards, and keep all of their loyalty and rewards cards in one place.
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