Identiv's uCreate NFC ecosystem is designed for mobile app developers who want to enter the world of near field communication (NFC). Create your own NFC experiences and test your creations with our NFC mobile app, software development kit (SDK), and curated kit of NFC tags.
Plotsensor Ltd.
A zero-install NFC sensor.
Identiv’s new family of labels leverages NXP® NTAG® 424 DNA chips, strengthening Identiv’s RFID offerings that provide security for the Internet of Things (IoT). The tags are designed for anti-counterfeiting for brand protection, document authentication, secure supply chain traceability (i.e., product origin and provenance), authorized data access, and trusted customer engagement, including loyalty programs. The Tamper Detection NTAG 424 DNA Tag version (utilizing NXP’s TagTamper chip) just received certification proving full conformance with NFC Forum specifications, making Identiv the first transponder manufacturer to receive NFC Forum accreditation.
With the IMAporter, homeowners are able to manage their home from their mobile device. A prime example of this is Airbnb owners, who can use the IMAporter Basic solution to send credentials to their guests remotely - making light night arrivals no longer a concern.
The FX100 Series is the first dedicated, secure and flexible Android NFC reader designed to fit with the needs of the B2B market. FAMOCO provides a turnkey solution to its customers. Devices are delivered ready-to-go and they are also managed Over-The-Air, thanks to the FAMOCO Mobile Device Management Platform. FAMOCO deployed 27000 devices over more than 25 countries and addresses markets such as transportation, cashless payment, loyalty, workforce automation, e-government, home care services, attendance tracking and access control.
K&D holdings limited
NFC wedding cards provides the concept of the NFC wedding […]
KeyNest is a key exchange service for Airbnb hosts and property managers that uses local cafés to hold keys for nearby apartments. KeyNest uses NFC technology to track all key movements and to keep the keys anonymous to the barista.
SOVA Systems
Offering a mobile security solution with NFC checkpoints that are scanned to provide proof of presence and track security officers around a hotel
Confidex Links™ – is world first truly modular NFC tag portfolio for high-volume smart ad campaigns and smart package applications.
With NFC function, the hosts can manage their properties with only a cellphone by issuing access cards, opening the door. Regardless the risk of breakthrough or disconnection with WIFI, we provide the host a secure and elegant way while they use NFC-enabled access control system. For the small hotel managers who don't have so much budget on building up the wired managing system, with our simple APP, they can directly issue access cards to their tenants while check-in. The setting card can also be issued with NFC function.


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