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Contactless electronic safe EviTag NFC®

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EviTag NFC is a portable password manager for both private and professional use. It can store up to 115 contact-less passwords via NFC from your Android Smartphone. Easy to use and designed for everyday use, the EviTag works anonymously and securely without leaving a digital trace, via a free scale-able application. This device is multilingual, durable, waterproof, and can work without any additional maintenance for 40 years. The EviTag has contact-less and offline access control, multi-factor physical and digital authentication (MFA), is DGPR-compliant, and protected by patents. The passwords and data saved onto the device is secured end-to-end. You can use the automatic connection to your internet accounts and online payments via the EVILOCK NFC LAN plugin without entering the prompted username and/or password.

Presentation video: https://youtu.be/0xdlXpCBKcY

Video User’s Guide: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLyNxN21uUIpyflF19qN-zIGGTzTUibM3

Online payment operation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgGs5q1vx3s&feature=youtu.be

Online sales site of electronic safe EviTag NFC:

From 35.90 € for two electronic safes, to always have a backup, in case of loss or theft


Functioning principles

Label management:

  • Credentials (login and password, one or two access codes, padlock codes, door entry code or parking …)
  • Bank cards (compatible with all types of bank cards in the world)
  • (*) Loyalty cards (function under development)

 Some technical information:

  • Works only with Android NFC terminals (smartphone, tablet, PAD), from APK 4.4,
  • Application translated into 11 languages: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish
  • Unique pairing key for physically accessing the NFC,
  • Vault user defines administrator password,
  • Management of administrator and user profiles,
  • Automatic unlimited fleet management of safes,
  • Physical and digital access controls to NFC memories,
  • Management and traceability of brute force attacks by black box,
  • Generates unique UUID during application installation
  • Data encrypted with AES128 and AES256 multi-keys of physical and digital origin,
  • Random password generator with automatic entropy control,
  • Single display of passwords,
  • Coding of the clear display on a screen,
  • Sharing secure passwords to someone
  • Segmented cipher keys by physical blockchain,
  • Security performed offline,
  • Automatic login and secure online payment via the local network,
  • Application and plugin work on volatile memory,
  • EviLock NFC automatic login plugin (s), run on Android browser, Mozilla.
  • Intelligent automatic connection system for protection against phishing and typosquatting.
  • No sensitive database, neither internal nor external,
  • Backup of encrypted data made only contact-less, in real time in the non-volatile electronic memory of the NFC,
  • Electronic card encased in a military-grade resin

NFC technology used:

  • Industrial NFC ISO / IEC 15693 compatible ISO / IEC 14443
  • Industrial memory with 1 million writing cycles,
  • 40 years of data retention in NFC memory,
  • AES 256, AES128
  • Physical blockchain (segmented encryption key)
  • Traceability by physical black box

Added values ​​of NFC in accordance with laws, decrees, and regulations:

  • European Regulation DGPR
  • French law n ° 2016-1321 of October 7th, 2016,
  • French Decree No. 2018-418 of May 30, 2018

Technology protected by 3 patents of inventions:


WO / 2017/129887

WO / 2010/086552

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