Digital Recycling


Waste is a real issue in modern society and companies want to do their part by recovering products by re-introducing raw materials into the value chain and out of nature, essentially moving towards a circular economy. It has been proven that traditional Deposit Recovery Schemes (DRS) increases waste collection and recycling by involving the consumers through monetary incentives.

Digital Recycling is a modern version of the traditional (DRS) which enables consumers to get rewarded and/or compensated for recycling their empty packages directly via an app on their smart phones.

The solution consists of:

  • Serialized products (RFID labels with unique identifiers bought from various suppliers e.g. Avery Dennison, Toppan, Boingtech, Identiv, HID, Pragmatic etc..).
  • Smart bins that can read the RFID tags
  • A consumer App that counts all recycled containers and rewards consumers
  • A custom-built back-end web platform.
  • A reward scheme that can vary from monetary to rewards (coupons, tickets, digital points etc.)

With Digital Recycling we want increase and optimize collection rates, educate and engage consumers & help companies achieve their zero waste goals.