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The Tap Revolution has begun with NFC.  With DIRX2 from Tapwow, your brand or company can begin its NFC journey quickly and provide exciting content and information to your customers.

DIRX2 is a comprehensive platform that manages tags, assigns content, and generates a collection of powerful data based on customer interaction that is owned by the brand.  It is part of an open system that lets brands choose the creative, packaging, and technology partners that they prefer and create compelling Hand to BrandTM experiences to thrill their customers.  The connection begins with customer engagement and then extends through DIRX2 to your supply chain providing advanced concepts like product diversion tracking, anti-counterfeiting, and track and trace.

The key to the solution is the unique Tapdex ID that represents a unique digital identity for an individual product and links that product to any digital marker like an NFC tag, QR code, RFID tag, GS1 Digital Link, and more.  So as that product is created, packaged, shipped, delivered, and purchased by a customer, the steps in that process for that particular product can be tracked and surfaced within DIRX2 or through interfaces to existing systems like ERP, CRM, and shop floor management solutions.  This end to end tracking provides the necessary protection for pharmaceuticals, CPG, wine, spirits, and luxury goods while also providing the customer engagement that functions as the customer audit of your supply chain.  The tap or snap from a customer unlocks the data from your supply chain.

DIRX2 is a SAAS solution that can be implemented by brands, packagers, chip makers, creative agencies, or consultants to create compelling connected solutions.  It is also available in a white-label offering so partners can maintain the customer relationship.

Whether you want an interactive point of sale display, smart packaging, or connected events via NFC, DIRX2 can jumpstart your project and get you involved in the Tap Revolution starting today.

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