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DOGTAP securely stores important information about your own dog, helping to provide faster care for injured animals, recovery of lost dogs, and aids in the transferring of information to veterinarians, keepers, finders and insurance companies.

With just one tap of an NFC-enabled smartphone on the dog’s ID tag, the user will be able to access your dogs’ data. Alternatively, there is also a QR code option for when no NFC-enabled smartphone is available.

Anyone can read the DOGTAP data in an emergency with an NFC-enabled mobile phone—not just the vet. If the dog is with you and safe, you have the option of muting and protecting the data.

Protected data includes your contact information, details about your vet, insurance information , name of your dog and health status, first and second contact for notifications, feeding plan, possibly necessary medication, etc. Everything is protected and safely stored in the secure cloud software from DOGTAP.

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