DuraScan® D600 Contactless Reader/Writer

A NFC Product

DuraScan® D600 Contactless Reader/Writer

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Socket Mobile’s DuraScan D600 Contactless Reader/Writer is the future of the data capture industry. As a member of DuraScan’s family, the D600 has the same strengths and ease of use as the rest of its D700 members, yet stands apart as an RFID reader that is durable, portable, ergonomically handheld, long- lasting and forward facing.

Supporting the widest variety of HF RFID and NFC, as well as all standard and most proprietary card formats, the D600 opens a whole new world of reading codes quickly and reliably. Moving at the speed of your business, the D600 is suited in hospitality, retail, and logistic industry settings. The auto scan setting with the charging stand is ideal for reading cards, phones, and wearables, while the trigger button provides the option for mobility. Under programmatic control, the reader seamlessly reads from and writes data via Bluetooth® low-energy connection.

Using Socket Mobile’s same SDK, notification tones/vibrations and accessories, the D600 makes the transitioning from barcode scanners to RFID readers simple, persuading almost any first-time user that RFID reading is as easy as barcode reading.

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