FusionPlay – Heroes: The first NFC Card Game

A NFC Product

FusionPlay – Heroes: The first NFC Card Game

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Why have NFC technology? Isn’t this just a gimmick?

NFC is used to enable the fast-paced gameplay. Reading QR-codes via camera would be slow and awkward. With the technology of the FusionPlay Cards, you just slide them under the smartphone, and they appear on the screen immediately. This makes the whole game experience smooth and fluid. Instead of going through the hassle of getting the cards recognized (like with barcodes, etc.), NFC reading is so fast and reliable that it becomes fun to play around with scanning the cards.

But that is just one reason why NFC was chosen. The fundamental reason, was to get the best of two worlds: real haptic and social elements of traditional card games, but also the complexity and ease of use of smartphone apps via NFC.

The app takes care of storing data, calculating everything, and minding the rules. A big amount of game markers would be needed to symbolize the status effects, buffed attributes, combostack, etc. This would also slow down the gameplay drastically. Additionally, your brain would get fried by doing all the math. By having the app communicating with the cards, you as the player can focus on your strategy and on your opponent.

The game was even designed in such a way that you can play it without knowing the rules. The alpha testers learned 90% of the game rules by playing it without even seeing the manual. Only the combo mechanism was something that needed to be mentioned.

What is so special about this?

The game combines the best of two worlds: traditional card games and smartphone apps.

You can sit together with a friend and watch them get frustrated, because of the critical hit you just landed, or you trying to identify his poker face. Did your opponent notice you preparing a combo? Will he block and reflect it or will they fall into your trap?

The game encourages you to play around with the cards. The cards seem to want you to feel their great texture. This feeling cannot be replaced by an image of a card on a screen.

Additionally, you have the upside of an app. The game shows the status of both heroes in real-time. It stores data, shows current buffs, debuffs, health, and it also does all the math for you. On top of this, the game ensures the rules are followed. So you don’t even need to know them to play the game. Most other complex card games often come with a thick and complicated rule book. FusionPlay – Heroes doesn’t need one.

The combination of these two worlds creates a game that is easy to learn, yet provides a complex gameplay.

Easy to learn, hard to master!



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