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Identiv Body Temperature Measurement Patch

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Identiv’s Body Temperature Measurement Patch makes it simple for anyone to monitor personal temperature curves. The patch is most accurately read when applied under the upper arm and is currently being tested on other areas of the body. The solution features skin friendly adhesive and can be worn for multiple days. For instant temperature measurements, tap the passive patch with any NFC-enabled smartphone. The positioning of the patch allows temperature measurement close to the body yet keeps the readout as simple as possible. As large public venues begin to reopen, quick, affordable temperature tracking will be the first line of defense in order to assure visitors and employees that operators have their safety at top of mind.

For clinical-grade applications, Identiv’s Body Temperature Measurement Patch can be combined with a high-accuracy temperature sensor, which follows the ASTM E1112 Standard for Electronic Thermometers for Intermittent Determination of Patient Temperature. For customers who need to track body temperatures over a longer period of time without tapping, Identiv has made available an active battery version. Attached to the body, it can track temperature measurements over multiple days and store the data in the cloud or in an offline application.

Global governments and healthcare workers can utilize either the passive or active version of Identiv’s Body Temperature Measurement Patch for quarantined citizens, employees, or patients testing positive for COVID-19. Monitored via the cloud, temperature measurements can be assessed without sending someone to take a reading in-person. However, if a patient’s condition suddenly grows worse, healthcare personnel can be immediately alerted.

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