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iLOQ S50 is a secure and fully digital locking solution designed specifically for the utilities industry where providers regularly face the challenge of managing numerous sites and vast numbers of locks simultaneously. This unique product saves resources, reduces costs and simplifies access management – examples include power production and distribution companies, telecom network services, data centers, water treatment plants, property services and transportation services.

iLOQ S50 is a NFC-powered lock cylinder that harvests energy for unlocking from a smartphone. It operates through a mobile app on an (Android) smartphone, enabling over-the-air access sharing and real-time monitoring, and consolidating multiple sites conveniently into one user-friendly platform.

Replacing an existing lock with the iLOQ S50 cylinder takes only a few minutes. There’s no need for drilling or wiring. And, with no batteries or keyways to be cleaned and oiled, the iLOQ S50 is dust- and weatherproof making it ideal in harsh environments.

Security risks related to physical keys have been eliminated. And features like time-restricted access, instant granting and revoking of access rights and real-time audit trail reports, help you keep track of who has access to what areas.

With simplified daily operations, enhanced security and lifecycle savings, iLOQ S50 is smart investment for the utilities industry.

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