KeyNest – Smart Key Exchange

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KeyNest – Smart Key Exchange

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KeyNest allows for smart key exchange. Use KeyNest for AirBnB guests, cleaning staff, maintenance staff, estate agents, and friends and family.

To make the keys anonymous and traceable, KeyNest has designed NFC fobs that are attached to every key. Hosts can track keys online and any movements are notified via email updates. The cafés and convenience stores in the network simply tap-in / tap-out the key fob on the KeyNest NFC terminal to ensure the correct key goes to the right guest.

NFC keeps the keys anonymous to the shopkeeper but traceable for the owner. It also allows guests to drop off keys without a code, as the shopkeeper simply scans the NFC tag using our terminal, in order to log the key in or out.


How KeyNest Works

KeyNest KeyNest KeyNest

Dropping Your Keys for the First Time

1. Create an account & add a new key

2. Write down your registration code

3. Deposit your keys using the code

Key Collection

1. Select your nearest KeyNest from the map

2. Send your guests the collection code and address

3. Get notified when the keys are collected

Regular Key Drop-off (after the first time)

1. Simply hand over your keys at the counter

2. Get notified when the keys are dropped off


KeyNest Safety

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