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Medication adherence sounds like a small detail, but it’s actually a big problem.  People start a mediation with the best intentions, but over time they become non-adherent, which contributes to ineffectiveness, side effects, excessive dosing, and erodes brand retention.  The root cause of these issues is medication non-adherence.

Med-ic, eCap and GopherCap smart packaging are part of IMC’s comprehensive medication adherence solution.  These smart packages are NFCenabled, battery powered sensors that monitor and record patient dosing in the background without the need for patient interaction.   At the patient’s conveniencedosing information recorded by the smart package can be effortlessly transferred to a smart phone via an NFC tap.  Dosing information is then used in IMC’s patient-centric apps to help improve the patient‘s medication adherence.
The complete adherence solution consists of NFC enabled adherence packaging, smartphone apps and a cloud based portal, CertiScan, tying everything together.  The goal is to create a simple feedback loop that creates a satisfying habit for both patients and their caregivers that improves the patient’s medication adherence.
Company Background
IMC is the global leader in medication adherence solutions, having supplied over a million units to the clinical trials and research markets. IMC manufactures iOS and Android NFC-enabled Med-ic Smart Blister Packages, eCAP Smart Medication Bottles and the temperature-aware Med-ic Smart Syringe Pack.
IMC’s GopherCap is aimed at the commercial market specifically in family health.
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