Momento Pearl

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Momento Pearl

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First-of-its kind interactive gem. The Momento Pearl (U.S. Patent 7,062,940 and P.P. 14/517.827, Trademark 86/434,536) combines elegant design with 21st century technology. With just a tap of your NFC enabled ANDROID phone or mobile device you can access your most precious moments in the form of audio and recorded images.

Embedded deep within these cultured pearls is an NFC chip that stores your most precious moments. Think of it as a digital locket for the 21st century.

Imagine being able to say ‘I Love You” repeating into eternity or being able to record your wedding vows in an anniversary gift worn close to the heart. With just a tap of your phone you can listen to your children’s laughter or see your loved one’s face.

Each Momento pearl is individually carved and crafted by hand and is designed by award winning master jewelry designer Chi Huynh, four time winner of the Cultured Pearl Association for best international pearl design.


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