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EndlessID is a product that will grant access to your medical information to a doctor or first responder at the necessary time, providing the possibility of receiving the best possible care and without putting your life at risk. All EndlessID products bear the “Star of Life” symbol – a universally recognized alert symbol.  You can choose to wear the MyEndlessID Wristband or carry a MyEndlessID Card in your wallet.

Two ways of access

One Tap Access

Tap your MyEndlessID device with a smartphone that has NFC and it will automatically open your medical profile.

Website Access

Go to and log in with the ID and PIN number located on the inside of the EndlessID wristband. It will immediately send emergency alerts to the assigned emergency contact in the profile. This person will receive an email, a phone call and a text (SMS) notifying them that the medical profile has been accessed and providing a geolocation of the person in need of help.


MyEndlessID Wristband

How does it work?

Step 1

Purchase and receive any MyEndlessID device.

Step 2

Access the portal at As this will be your first time accessing the portal, you must click on “First Time Activation” button to create your account.

Step 3

Complete your medical profile. The portal will guide you step by step to complete it as thoroughly as possible and have all the information needed to be protected. The information will be available immediately upon completing your profile.

Other MyEndlessID Uses

With MyEndlessID Pet, veterinarians will be able to have access to your pet’s medical profile within seconds, providing the necessary information to save your pet’s life with just a tap. It works and provides the same benefits as the wristband and the card.

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