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NFC Giant Transponder

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Identiv range of NFC secure transponders support a variety of NFC technologies from different chip manufacturers and can have their identity securely provisioned by Identiv Trust Services (ITS) or any other NFC solution provider.

The Giant transponder is offered as an Inlay (“Dry” or “Wet” [with adhesive backing]) and can be directly embedded into 3rd party products or “converted” into finished products for a series of applications (ex: The same design is also offered as a Label for a variety of NFC applications).

The IC technology is based on 13.56 MHz High Frequency NFC Type 1,2,3,4 and includes support for NXP NTAG 210, NXP NTAG 212 (17pF capacitance chip configurations). Other chip options are possible on demand and supported with existing antenna design.

The dimensions support different ISO paper format. First version of the product is within “A5” paper format (ex: inlay size is 182.7×129.5 mm), “A4” format is also available on request.

Using Identiv’s ITS, the transponders can be electrically encoded (static or dynamic data loaded) or receive serialization printing.

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