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NFC is one of the short-range wireless communication standards, and is a technology that allows you to exchange information simply by bringing them close together without touching them. It is familiar in everyday life with Suica. Using the NFC chip, I tried to make it possible to convey the profile and operate the home appliances just by bringing my finger closer.First of all, let’s write the profile on the chip and set it as a business card. Create two nails to tell your LinkedIn profile for work and your Twitter profile for private use. I used JAKCOM’s SMART NAIL. When you open the package, it contains one small NFC chip that can be attached to your nails and six nails. I used two here.

Since there is no information at this point, write using a smartphone with NFC function or NFC reader / writer. I wrote an application called “NFC Reader Writer” on the Andoid smartphone.

From the menu, select WRITE NFC TAGS → Write a url, website …… and write the URL of the Linkedin profile page. I also wrote a Twitter profile page. Of course, you can also write Twitter, LINE, Facebook, contact information, portfolio URL, etc.

Place the chip on the NFC writing / reading part of the smartphone. Then press the “WRITE DATA” button. it’s simple.

Attach the set NFC chip to the nail. I glued the NFC chip to the nail chip and glued it to the nail with double-sided tape for nails. Nail tips are long, so cut them with a nail clipper to a length that will not get in the way. The nails will be thicker, but it is not so uncomfortable when viewed from the outside.

As it is, it’s dull, so I painted the nails white and made a business card icon and a Twitter icon and pasted them. You won’t accidentally give your Twitter ID to anyone you meet at work!

Let’s exchange business cards! Being puzzled and surprised by the invisible business card

I will actually use it! I want to go there, but I am currently refraining from going out. I don’t have the opportunity to exchange business cards, so I ask my husband to be a fake business partner.

(Customer) “Nice to meet you, nice to meet you today.” A business partner who takes out business cards.

“I’m charged.” I pretend to give you a business card, but there is nothing there. Air business card status. Business partners who are confused.

(I) Ask me, “Please hold your smartphone,” and hold your smartphone’s sensor to bring up my profile page.

(Customer) “Oh !? Oh ~ (laughs) I see ~”

We received feedback from our business partners that it was convenient. It had an impact!

Work mode ON by calling the timer!

I will try other things by trying various things other than business cards. If you register an application that you often use for the NFC chip, you can launch it in one shot by bringing it close to your smartphone. I often use the timer at work, so I made it possible to call the timer with one touch.

Set up the NFC chip as before. Select “Write application record”, select the application you want to launch, and write it.

I could not use it without unlocking the smartphone so I could not use it, but unlike when I normally start the application, vibration feedback is input, so it feels like I can switch the mode of my head. It feels like a pre-work ritual, similar to an athlete performing a fixed jinx before a match. Ideally, I’d like it to start automatically.

Turn off electricity with finger remote control

At home, electricity is turned on and off using “Nature Remo,” which can operate home appliances with infrared rays. Let’s make this operation possible with nails. On the iPhone, you can easily set it by using a function called automation, but on Android, you need to devise it. Using a service called “IFTTT” for linking various services, NFC → IFTTT → electricity OFF.

First, the Nature Remo settings. Create a scene (function to execute multiple operations at once) on the Remo app, give it an appropriate name (“sleep”), and associate lighting OFF.

Next, set up the IFTTT app. Create a new applet (an instruction to make an application or service linked with IFTTT execute something), and select Webhook for “This”. Give it an appropriate name (nail1). Next, set Nature Remo to “That”. Select “Execute scene” and select the scene (sleep) you set earlier.

Finally, set the webhook to work when NFC is loaded. In order to operate it in the background, this time we will use an app called “Trigger”. First, copy the URL described on the IFTTT Webhook setting screen. Open Trigger, select “Applications and Shortcuts” from the action settings, put the URL you copied in the URL field, and write it to the NFC chip.

It was so convenient that I didn’t have to go to the switch on the wall or search for a remote control. Also, although it is a little, it is different from operating on a smartphone that you only have to stroke the smartphone without launching the application. It’s easier than you think with the Remo app.

NFC nails are fun!

NFC nail that I thought, “I think it would be cool if I could operate it with my fingers, it would be cool!” It was unexpectedly practical. It may be a little difficult for someone to use it like a business card. If you do not hit the sensor part properly, it will not start, so the other party needs to be someone who is familiar with smartphones to some extent. Rather, my usage was better than expected. Although there is a weak point that you have to unlock your smartphone or start it when you are not thinking of starting it, the simplicity of the remote control and the ease of operating with only one voice operation are together It was a great experience.

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