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NFC Tools – myPasswordNFC

This is a secure app that protects your passwords, notes and voice to text messages and keeps your data secure and encrypted on NFC tags.

This app makes it easy to keep/store passwords, notes or voice to text messages on NFC tags. You can speak your passwords or notes on your phone and save on NFC tags. You can also password-protect, encrypt and store sensitive and private information to NFC tags.
Here is how this app is used:

* View database: Shake device to view all passwords. * Read/ Write NFC Tags: Hold your phone over the NFC tag. * Password/key: To encrypt/decrypt and write to NFC tag or read it.

* Add to phone database: Add new password ADD, MODIFY, FIND, DELETE

* Read/Write NFC Tags: Voice to text messages Retrieve from database Save to NFC tags

Recommended NFC tags: – Samsung TecTile – NXP MIFARE DESFire EV1/EV2 1k-8k

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