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Introducing the NFC Valet Parking Android App, which is essentially paperless valet parking using NFC technology. This new Android app will improve the efficiency for valet parking companies and reduce the time collecting cars and delivering them to the owners in a very short time. Furthermore, the app will reduce the costs of valet teams and consumables tickets, improve the customer experience when they visit the place using NFC valet app, and reduce the carbon footprint.

Hardware: Variety of Android devices with NFC technology. (RFID if required)

Data info: SQL Database to store NFC info along with associated vehicle and user info.

Scanning Process:

User will choose check out or check in, then scan NFC ID sticker on vehicle or NFC sticker on client membership card, which will pull in information about the vehicle. User can then assign a location and capture date time stamp.

NFC Valet App

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