NFC WHAC-A-Mole Batteryless Gaming Pad

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NFC WHAC-A-Mole Batteryless Gaming Pad

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SIC4310 is a 228-byte NFC tag IC with UART interface. The SIC4310 operates from RF energy from RFID/NFC and provides necessary features such as an on-chip regulator. The SIC4310 is intentionally designed to be a single chip for a minimized BOM NFC-tag-style application.

The SIC4310’s analog-front-end is designed to harvest energy from RF field efficiently up to 10mA. The on-chip regulator provides stable 3.3V to supply external load via pin XVDD such as sensor or MCU. The SIC4310 can operate in both passive mode as an ordinary RFID where power source is from RF and active mode as a peripheral device where power source is from a connected embedded system.

The EEPROM memory can be accessible and programmable from both wireless interface, which is RFID/NFC, and wire interface, which is UART. Apart from normal read/write EEPROM, RFID reader/NFC device can configure and control behavior of the SIC4310 via registers and transfers data through build-in UART toward UART connected end device, or vice versa, without wasting time in programming contents into EEPROM and then transferring.

Two 64-byte FIFO buffers for wired-transmission (TX of UART) and wired-reception (RX of UART) are provided for large block transfer to allow more free time for connected processors to perform other tasks.

The SIC4310’s input/output pins can be configured for user interactive indicator such as LEDs. 8 programmable GPIOs are provided. If power from source is enough, each I/O can drive up to 4 mA and regulator can source current up to 10 mA on pin XVDD.

The SIC4310 is offered in a low-profile 16-pin QFN3x3.

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