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NFC Wristband

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The NFC Wristband enables a simple, cashless payment option and reduces risk of fraud. The wristband is easily identified by any NFC-enabled smartphone (via a simple tap), helping users experience shorter wait times and faster payment transactions. This wristband is a great option for RFID Access Control and Cashless Payment Systems. It helps organizers spend less time behind the scenes and more time on-site, and eliminate the risk of ticket fraud.

The NFC Wristband has been field tested and can be used for all different types of events. The DO RFID tag manufacturer produces a wide range of RDIF wristbands and NFC wristbands for different applications including: access control with security, proximity range, involuntary access control, event, and festivals. The anti-tamper NFC Wristband is used for event entrances, the timing of sporting events, and a cashless payment option at various venues. The NFC Wristband and UHF wristband can even be used to track and monitor hospitalized patients.

All of our NFC Wristband materials are made of ECO-friendly silicone, soft PVC, Tyvek, fabric, PET and ABS. Additionally, there are many shapes and RDIF chip options available: LF, HF, and UHF frequency. Other customization options include: printing, serializing with a progressive number, encoding of RDID chip, choice of size and material.

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