ORYGENE : NFC based Anti-Counterfeit Solution

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ORYGENE : NFC based Anti-Counterfeit Solution

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Counterfeiting is a huge global problem. Approximately 1 out of 5 items that we buy from retail websites are fake. In some cases, items from retail stores can also sometimes be mixed with fake items. Depending on the product, the consumer may be susceptible to health risks.

The current Hologram Stricker solves some of the issues, but has proven to be not as effective and unable to provide product authenticity. Using an NFC-Tag is the best alternative available today.

Until recently, anti-counterfeit solutions based on NFC technology were only accessible to high-end brands with a large enough income to invest in the R&D, software development and implementation of the technology. Because of this, there has not been a widespread usage of this technology by the general public. This is mainly due to the lack of standardization and methods which consumers can easily adapt to.

ORYGENE is an open platform that provides the opportunity for all product manufacturers and brand owners to access the NFC-technology at a fraction of the cost.

This SaaS (Software as Service) based platform provides a readily available end-to-end solution to protect a product from the counterfeit market. It comes with an admin portal and a standard mobile application for the consumer to install and authenticate products. Product serialization of NFC Tag is done with just few easy steps within the admin portal.

Our anti-counterfeiting solution uses standard NTAG 213 based tags, which is cost efficient and also compatible with all NFC-enabled smartphones.

The NFC Tag embedded in our system cannot be cloned as it is protected by our proprietary algorithm enhanced by blockchain technology. All information is stored in public blockchain can be easily verified by anyone. This open architecture gives assurance of data integrity, ownership information and trace of origin of any physical object.

Our system can be used to protect any item, from standard retail products, to high-value luxury items. It can also be extended to protect physical documents and delivery parcels.

Download and view PDF slides about our ORYGENE platform here.

Please visit and try our ORYGENE platform at https://www.orygene.io

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