Patech™️ Pouch

A NFC Product

Patech™️ Pouch

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Patech™️ means patch with technology, we bring NFC patch on the pouch, it lets customer change different style patches and their automation daily. We use NFC technology in our fashion accessories to allow users access to quickly scan for listening to music, ticket information, calling, sharing social media, etc.

Benefits of the NFC Patech™️ Pouch are:

  • Since the NFC tag embedded in our [SCANFC™️] patch, users can edit urls to share music playlists, videos and social media
  • Users can use iPhone app “shortcuts” or Android phone app “IFTTT “ to create their daily uses, such as open app, calling and open WiFi
  • Great gift idea! Users can record a video or voice message to upload to cloud system or third party media platforms, surprising the recipient with a personalized greeting when they tap the Patech™️ Pouch.
  • The Patech patch and pouch easily loop and hook in order to detach and exchange in daily style
  • The patches are Utility Patent
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