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The PoolMateSport is an intelligent swim tracking watch which tracks all of your swims. It contains accelerometers and our patented algorithms to keep a track of every stroke you swim and give you various metrics including speed, distance, calories, laps, sets and much more. We have two watches currently using NFC technology to send swim data quickly and efficiently to iPhone and Android apps, the PoolMatePlus and PoolMateSport models.

NFC technology is incorporated so you can sync the watch with your smartphone to transfer data and view in graphs and tables on our swim logging website mypoolmate.com and see how you are improving. Using NFC for data transfer enables the use of a simple coin cell battery, leading to an extended battery life of around 12 months.

Poolmate watches work with all the major swim strokes, pools over 18m in length, as well as open water environments such as lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Everyone forgets how many laps they swim and PoolMates take care of this for you so you can concentrate on your swimming (or relax and enjoy it).

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