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Security guards and lone workers in general, face many risks and have a higher probability of accidents (e.g. falls, fainting, shock). In any given distressing situation, with a press of a SOS button, an alarm goes to the monitoring center where a manager can provide assistance.

QR-Patrol adopts the business logic of a Central Monitoring Station, which receives events in real time, evaluates them, and qualified staff members undertake the management of emergency situations. The product is consisted of a mobile application for the worker/guard and a cloud application for the Operation Center.

If the worker/guard is in distress, they can us the app to confirm his/her presence at a specific checkpoint via NFC tags, QR codes, or Beacons – this information is sent with accurate location details, even in areas without GPS coverage. QR-Patrol enables them to report incidents, send photos, text and audio messages. The Operation Center will send detailed instructions in how the guard can keep the properties, assets and buildings secure.

Designed wearables ensure a worker’s physical condition and safety by identifying a fall and automatically alerting the Operation Center to provide assistance.

QR-Patrol also integrates Push-To-Talk functionality to provide secure group communication between the security guards and their company.


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